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Cuts and burns are often the reality of space travel. Bandages and mother's kisses were the only viable cures until a experimental grease bot took a wrong turn into the nurse's office. It was quickly renamed the Aloe Bot and encouraged to keep making its medicinal miracles! Lucky for it, because that grease was terrible...

  • Available: Level 12
  • Breed/Incubation: 6 hours
  • Buy: 100 Crystals
  • Sell: 50,000 Robux
  • DeployExperience: 50,000

AloeBotAloePlant   Aloe Plant Standard
10 Crystals AloeBotPrettyFlower   Pretty Flower +10% Robux
25 Crystals AloeBotFirePlant   Fire Plant Speed+, Ranged+++
50 Crystals AloeBotIcePlant   Ice Plant
75 Crystals AloeBotFestiveTree   Festive Tree +10% Robux

Limited: Christmas (unavailable)