This page if for informational use only. Backflip Studio is no longer developing Gizmonauts.

Please be aware that starting a battle might crash your game, crashing does no harm, you can fix this by closing the game out of the multi-tasking bar just before starting the game.


Reminiscent of the tag-team style fights that were popular eons ago, matches at this arena are held between pairs of bots several times a day. Travelers are sure to come from all over the known verse to watch your bots in fierce battles! They all want to know which will prevail - the tag-team or the single epic bot!

  • Available: Level 10
  • Build Time: Instant
  • Buy: 10,000 Robux
  • Sell: Cannot Be Sold
  • Size: 16x20
  • Battle Cooldown: 2 hours

Combat Mechanics

Unsurprisingly, higher level bots are better in combat.

Various gizmo attachments can buff your bot.

Your primary bot is in the front row and appears to deal and receive more damage. Your second bot respectively deals and receives less damage. Some gizmos can allow your secondary bot to deal ranged damage.

It seems that different bot breeds are better suited to different roles. Repair bots are excellent support because they heal your bot (in addition to dealing damage to enemies). As of yet, it is not known whether different bot types have different effectiveness levels against other bot types, and if so, which type hybrid bots use when considering damage done or taken. It appears that certain bots are stronger against other elements. Initial experience suggests mining bots are strong against builder bots, but performer bots will beat mining bots. More work is needed to understand these interactions.

There are two bars at the top of the screen for each bot. One represents HP (health points), the other represents Charge. Different bots build Charge at different rates. If a bot manages to reach full Charge, it deals increased damage. While Charge is full, any hit will display the word "Charge!" above the damage, similar to a Glance! or Critical!.

Entry Fee

In order to participate in a battle, you must pay an entry fee using Robux Robux. Currently, outpost level is the key factor in determining the entry fee, but the first battle of each new level might charge the entry fee for the previous level if the Battle Arena was on cooldown when the player leveled.

Here is a quick breakdown of what is known so far:

  • Level 10: 1,500 Robux
  • Level 11: 3,400 Robux
  • Level 12: 8,500 Robux
  • Level 13: 20,000 Robux
  • Level 14: 45,000 Robux
  • Level 15: 70,000 Robux
  • Level 16: 95,000 Robux
  • Level 17: 120,000 Robux
  • Level 18: 145,000 Robux
  • Level 19: 170,000 Robux
  • Level 20: 195,000 Robux
  • Level 21: 220,000 Robux
  • Level 22: 245,000 Robux
  • Level 23: 270,000 Robux
  • Level 24: 295,000 Robux
  • Level 25: 320,000 Robux
  • Level 26: 345,000 Robux
  • Level 27: 370,000 Robux
  • Level 28: 395,000 Robux
  • Level 29: 420,000 Robux
  • Level 30: 445,000 Robux
  • Level 31: 470,000 Robux
  • Level 32: 495,000 Robux
  • Level 33: 520,000 Robux
  • Level 34: 545,000 Robux
  • Level 35: 570,000 Robux
  • Level 36: 595,000 Robux
  • Level 37: 620,000 Robux
  • Level 38: 645,000 Robux
  • Level 39: 670,000 Robux
  • Level 40: 695,000 Robux
  • Level 41: 720,000 Robux
  • Level 42: 745,000 Robux
  • Level 43: 770,000 Robux
  • Level 44: 795,000 Robux
  • Level 45: 820,000 Robux
  • Level 46: 845,000 Robux
  • Level 47: 870,000 Robux
  • Level 48: 895,000 Robux
  • Level 49: 920,000 Robux
  • Level 50: 945,000 Robux



Prizes include a various amounts of Robux Robux, Snax Snax, Experience Experience, and occasionally a gizmo for your bot.

Winning bots will be awarded a permanent +10% income boost for earning Robux. The effect is cumulative and it is possible to increase a bots earning rate 110%. (100% Income Boost via Battles and 10% from Gizmos)

Winning bots also receive a medal that gets upgraded along with their awarded earning rates. Medals change colors and shape as they upgrade; there are three shapes per color. The medals start out bronze colored and change to silver, gold, and blue for the final stage.

Income Boosts

Upon successfully defeating a pair of opponent Bots, your selected Bots will gain a boost to their income rate. This boost comes in increments of 10% for a maximum boost of 100% through winning battles in the Battle Arena.

The following are the icons representing the increasing levels of income boosts, the icons only serve a visual purpose.

IncomeBoost10 IncomeBoost20 IncomeBoost30 IncomeBoost40 IncomeBoost50 IncomeBoost60 IncomeBoost70 IncomeBoost80 IncomeBoost90 IncomeBoost100
+10% +20% +30% +40% +50% +60% +70% +80% +90% +100%

Robot Strengths and Weaknesses by Bot Types

Depending on the type that you use, the game appears to have the following relationship between the following model types when used as the main robot. However, for Science and Repair bots you typically use them as the support type which functions a little differently in the Battle Arenas.

Nature > Performer > Mining > Builder > Nature

Repair Bots are best for the back because they heal your front Bot by 30 HP. Science Bots scramble the order of attacks.

Repair & Science = Support

However, because the battle arena appears to have random opponents, your best bet to win in Battle Arena is to always pick the bot with the strongest Gizmo that you can have. With strong battle gizmos equipped, most of the time your robot can overpower the model type that they are weak against.


  • It is possible that Gizmonauts crashes while battling, but you are still able to win the battle when you crash.
  • As of Version 1.1.0, Astro Bot may battle in the Battle Arena as a single combatant.
    • Bots no longer have a set amount of health based on their level. It fluctuates each battle.
  • If you fight against an Astro Bot and win, it seems so far that there's a 100% chance of getting a crystal.