After seeing the craze on our home planet where people would carry large speakers on their shoulders while walking down the street, famed bot creator, Richard Swift, decided there must be a better way, and created the Beat Bot. An odd glitch is its behavior sometimes causes it to spontaneously spin on its back. 

  • Available: Level 7
  • Breed/Incubation: 3 hours
  • Buy: 25 Crystals
  • Sell: 1,000 Robux
  • Deploy Experience: 1,000

BeatBotLoFiSpeakers   LoFi Speakers Standard
10 Crystals BeatBotHighFidelityDrivers   High Fidelity Drivers +10% Robux
25 Crystals BeatBotSubwoofers   Subwoofers Ranged+
50 Crystals BeatBotFullRangeSpeakers   Full-range Speakers
50 Crystals BeatBotSpiderSpeakers   Spider Speakers Limited: Halloween (unavailable)


Battle: The beat bot is a very good all-rounder at lower levels. Both its melee and ranged are above average (30-50 ranged and 45-60 melee). Its health is low, however (200-240), and its charge rate is average. However, it unfortunately gets destroyed in 2 hits by higher level miner bots, diminishing its usefullness at later levels. Its gizmo gives a small boost to ranged damage, but doesn't provide as much as a game-changing advantage as other better bots.