This page if for informational use only.  Backflip Studio is no longer developing Gizmonauts.

Friends may be invited using Game Center, E-Mail, Text Message, Facebook. and Twitter.

You may visit a friend's outpost to collect Robux Robux periodically, you may also be given the chance to speed up certain processes of your friend's outpost such as breedings, battle arena cooldown, and snax production.

  • Speeding up reduces the current total processing time by 25%. The first time someone clicks on a process, 25% of the time is removed. eg a 12 hour process becomes a 9 hour process.
  • The second time someone clicks on the process an additional 18.75% of the original total time is removed (or 25% of the remaining 75%). The total time is reduced to 6 hours 45 mins (12 hours - (25+18.75)% OR 9 hours - 25%).
  • The third time someone clicks on the prcoess an additional 14.0625% of the original time is removed (or 25% of the remaining 56.25%). The total time is reduced to 5 hours 3 mins 45 secs (12 hours - (25+18.75+14.0625)% OR 6 hours 45 mins - 25%).
  • This continues indefinitely, shaving an extra 25% of the new total time.


These icons are displayed for you and your friends when looking at the friends list. They only serve an aesthetic purpose, though many require fulfilling certain conditions to unlock.

  • As of Version 1.1.0, you may now select your own avatar icon that you will see on your friend window and your friends will see in their friends list.
  • By default there are 9 avatars available and 38 locked avatars that have specific requirements to fulfill in order to be unlocked for use.