Avatars & RequirementsEdit

Here is a list of the requirements for each of the locked avatars. (Not in order due to the last update)

Note: This feature is not retroactive. Every task starts at 0 progress.

Avatar Icon Requirements Avatar Icon Requirements
Builder Bot Unlocked by Default Mining Bot Unlocked by Default
Performer Bot Unlocked by Default Nature Bot Unlocked by Default
Repair Bot Unlocked by Default Science Bot Unlocked by Default
Carrier Bot Deploy a Carrier Bot Grinder Bot Deploy a Grinder Bot
Beat Bot Deploy a Beat Bot Hammer Bot Deploy a Hammer Bot
Floodlight Bot Deploy a Floodlight Bot Rock Bot Deploy a Rock Bot
Caterpillar Bot Deploy a Caterpillar Bot Mole Bot Deploy a Mole Bot
Harvester Bot Deploy a Harvester Bot Flower Bot Deploy a Flower Bot
Safety Bot Deploy a Safety Bot Welder Bot Deploy a Welder Bot
Bouncer Bot Deploy a Bouncer Bot Trainer Bot Deploy a Trainer Bot
Aloe Bot Deploy an Aloe Bot Spray Bot Deploy a Spray Bot
Grav Bot Deploy a Grav Bot Magnet Bot Deploy a Magnet Bot
Geo Bot Deploy a Geo Bot Laser Bot Deploy a Laser Bot
Bot-anist Deploy a Bot-anist Solar Bot Deploy a Solar Bot
Microscope Bot Deploy a Microscope Bot X-Ray Bot Deploy an X-Ray Bot
Astro Bot Deploy an Astro Bot Builder Bot #2

(Bigger IS Better)

Upgrade 10 Buildings
Repair Bot #2

(Space Explorer)

Finishing the Tutorial Bouncer Bot #2

(Grand Champion)

Win 50 Fights in Battle Arena
Geo Bot #2

(Benevolent Buddy)

Gift 60 Crystals to Friends Mole Bot #2

(Buried Treasure)

Find 5 Gizmos
Flower Bot #2

(Master Tinkerer)

Breed 75 Bots Welder Bot #2

(Consolation Prize)

Lose 25 Fights in Battle Arena
X-Ray Bot #2

(Consolation Prize)

Receive 100 Crystals from Friends Harvester Bot #2


Clear 50 Obstacles
Rocket Depot


Expand Outpost 10 Times Builder Bot #3

(Gluttonous Bots)

Feed 10 Bots to Max Level
Magnet Bot #2


Move 150 Buildings or Decorations Steam Bot Deploy a Steam Bot
Yeti Bot Deploy a Yeti Bot Cupid Bot Deploy a Cupid Bot

Default AvatarsEdit

The highlighted avatars are unlocked by default except for the Space Explorer which is unlocked by finishing the Tutorial.



  • Carrier Bot Avatar
  • Grinder Bot Avatar
  • Beat Bot Avatar
  • Hammer Bot Avatar
  • Floodlight Bot Avatar
  • Rock Bot Avatar
  • Caterpillar Bot Avatar
  • Mole Bot Avatar
  • Harvester Bot Avatar
  • Flower Bot Avatar
  • Safety Bot Avatar
  • Welder Bot Avatar
  • Bouncer Bot Avatar
  • Trainer Bot Avatar
  • Aloe Bot Avatar
  • Spray Bot Avatar
  • Grav Bot Avatar
  • Magnet Bot Avatar
  • Geo Bot Avatar
  • Laser Bot Avatar
  • Bot-Anist Avatar
  • Solar Bot Avatar
  • Microscope Bot Avatar
  • X-Ray Bot Avatar
  • Astro Bot Avatar
  • Builder Bot Avatar #2
  • Bouncer Bot Avatar #2
  • Geo Bot Avatar #2
  • Mole Bot Avatar #2
  • Flower Bot Avatar #2
  • Welder Bot Avatar #2
  • X-Ray Bot Avatar #2
  • Harvester Bot Avatar #2
  • Rocket Depot Avatar
  • Builder Bot Avatar #3
  • Magnet Bot Avatar #2
  • Steam Bot Avatar
  • Yeti Bot Avatar
  • Cupid Bot Avatar