Policy is a term referring to the processes and rules observed involving the creation, editing, and management of articles on Gizmonauts Wiki as well as treatment of other users.

Violating a Gizmonauts Wiki policy will at the very least lead to a page being edited to conform to policy. Edits or new pages that are created that do not conform to a specific policy are subject to change by another user (assuming that change conforms with policy) without expectation of appeal to an admin, as is all content within the site. However, it may also lead to the page being deleted or — for the worst offenses — it may lead to the poster being declared a vandal and become banned or blocked. Treatment of users who engage in destruction of content, harassment, or misuse of content (spam) is also governed by policy.

Chat Room Policy
Policy governing acceptable behavior in Gizmonauts Wiki's Chat Room.
Do Not Post
Specific items and topics we do not allow on Gizmonauts Wiki.
Image Policy
What sort of images are allowed and how to use them.
Copyright Policy
Copyright enforcement and fair use restrictions.
Naming Convention
How to name images and articles so that people more easily can guess what to type to get to a particular type of page.