All images uploaded to Gizmonauts Wiki must be named appropriately according to the subject or use of the image. Images that will appear on main namespace articles must be subject-specific and must strictly adhere to the guidelines listed on this page as well as the image policy of this wiki and Wikia's Terms of Use regarding prohibited content.

Any content found to be in violation of any policy mentioned will be subject to immediate deletion, continued violations will result in a ban and/or block.

See also: Policies/Images Policy

Fan Art is not allowed on any main namespace article page.

Showcase ImagesEdit

This category of images are designed to be displayed on the subjects main article page, usually in the {{Infobox}} or other notable locations. These images should always be in .png format and be a complete and clean render with transparency when appropriate.

Naming ConventionEdit

The following details exactly how showcase images should be named for use on main namespace article pages.


  • Example: BuilderBot.png
  • Example: AstroBot.png

Capsule / PodsEdit

  • Example: BuilderBotPod.png
  • Example: AstroBotCapsule.png
The actual term is yet undetermined


  • Example: HouseOfHaunts.png
  • Example: RepairBotHologram.png
Obstacles are considered decorations although they do not show up in the Robo-Market until after it has been cleared once.


  • Example: SnaxJoint.png
  • Example: BattleArena.png


  • Example: BuilderZone.png
  • Example: AstroZone.png

Auxiliary ImagesEdit

These images may only appear in the Gallery sections of main namespace articles but may appear freely in blog posts and in user pages, within reason. These images will consist of in-game screenshots and notifications, official Facebook notifications, iDevice "Push" notifications.

The following are mere examples to express the style of naming that is most desired and are not to be considered the only possible names allowed.

Naming ConventionEdit

The following details exactly how auxiliary images should be named for use on main namespace article pages.


  • Example: FrankenBotLastCall.png


  • Example: GrinderBotGrindstone.png
  • Example: FrankenBotFrankenGoblin.png
  • Example: HarvesterBotScythe.png
The inclusion of the bot name is to indicate ownership of the Gizmo.

Capsule / PodEdit

  • Example: FrankenBotIncubating.png
  • Example: BuilderBotPodInfo.png
  • Example: AstroBotCapsuleInfo.png


  • Example: ScreamingTreeScreaming.png


  • Example: DockingBayAnnounceFB.png
  • Example: WarehousePushNotification.png
    • Note: These are fictitious examples to express possible future uses.


  • Example: BuilderZoneGrinderBot.png
  • Example: AstroZoneAstroBotFlying.png


  • Example: GiftAFriendACrystal.png
  • Example: BuildAnotherRepairZone.png
  • Example: WinABattleInBattleArena.png


  • Example: BreedingSelectionScreen.png
  • Example: BattleArenaSelectionScreen.png
  • Example: BattleArenaVictoryScreen.png

Screenshots that do not have an easily identifiable subject should not be added to any main namespace article galleries.