You sometimes see the term administrator, or admin, thrown around in discussions from time to time, but what is an admin? In the simple sense, an admin is a user with special rights over administration and management of the wiki. Due to these additional rights, they also have additional responsibilities (usually in mediating disputes, monitoring spam/vandalism, and wiki content maintenance). The fastest way to contact an admin is often via chat or by posting on their message wall.

General RoleEdit

The general role of Gizmonauts Wiki staff is as described above; to monitor spam/vandalism, wiki content maintenance, and at times mediating disputes.

Admins have several special tools including: (varies from one user group to another)

  • Protecting pages - lock them from editing or moving (protect)
  • Deleting pages and images - remove them from the public database (delete)
  • Deletion review and undeletion of pages (delete)
  • Suspending or banning users (block)
  • Editing protected and restricted pages (mediawiki)
  • Creating new admins (limited)

They are also empowered to break the spirit of a wiki, but only in rare cases. Being an admin is a privilege, not a right.

Below are the individual pages concerning each user rights group, their tools, and what to expect from each.