The inventor that created the first Nature Bot was known to be a little...eccentric. For some unknown reason he programmed them with a rather peculiar behavioral pattern. As a result these bots are good gardeners, but they're even better at water gun fights. Be careful, they could be hiding anywhere!

  • Available: Level 9
  • Incubation: 12 hours
  • Buy: 30,000 Robux
  • Sell: 15,000 Robux
  • Deploy Experience: 15,000

NatureBotWaterCan   Water Can Standard
10 Crystals NatureBotFertilizerGun   Fertilizer Gun +10% Robux
25 Crystals NatureBotWaterCannon   Water Cannon Melee+, Ranged++
50 Crystals NatureBotBubbleGun   Bubble Gun